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…Casale terrae Marigii quod fuit quondam Templariorum…”

This brief but fundamental latin phrase has been traced from the lost Angiojui register and dated 9th October 1320. This, thanks to a transcription of napoletano historian Camillo Minieri Riccio contained in his mysterious yet fascinating questioning of the origin of Maruggio and it’s noble past.

The presence of the Cavaliers of Malta did much to develop the town seeing their role in addition to the protection and welfare of the inhabitants and travellers, as a major protection force from incursions by Turkish pirates. They were successful in this role, thanks to the Castle with its towers, (today there remains only one privately owned) and of the surrounding wall.

One cannot forget also of course, the watchtowers strategically placed along the coast The Cavaliers of Malta governed Maruggio continuously without interruption from 1317 to 1819 before it became a “Libero comune” or free town or municipality.

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