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History, culture, and tradition and offering such gastronomic delights as locally produced food and wine. Together with the renowned crystal clear water of the Ionion Sea, long white beaches and a welcoming hospitality.  These are the main ingredients in which you can indulge yourself in, on a holiday in Puglia, Southern Italy.  The precise location in our case being Maruggio, in the province of Taranto.

Situated only 1.5 km (approx one mile) from from the coast of the Ionion Sea. - Salentina or Maruggio/Campomarino locality forms part of the province and gulf of Taranto and is about 40 km (26 miles) from the province capital itself. This is a historic country town, with some 6,000 inhabitants. Perhaps by a gift of fate, but more likely for political, military or economic reasons of its ancient and mythical foundation. Whatever the reason, the town is practically equidistant from Brindisi (50 km) or Lecce 60km, the main towns of their respective provinces. Maruggio has a history that dates back many centuries. The town’s involvement with the Knights Templar Order is legendary and is illustrated by The Church of the Madonna della Verde or Santa Maria dei Tempio that are of undoubted Templar origin. The Castle of the Cavaliers of Malta, The Chiesa Matrice, and the Convent, with it’s stalls, fanlights, and fresco’s together with the Church of San Giovanni outside the wall. The tower and mediaeval wall that surround, not to mention the numerous palaces with their relative coat of arms of nobility. All of these stand as silent and eternal witnesses to a passage of time of strategic importance. A visit to these buildings can take the visitor on a virtual trip to another era many centuries ago. In the neighbouring Campagna” or the countryside one can see the magnificent and majestic architectural delights in the form of “Trulli’s and Masserias.” These buildings are surrounded by an unlimited number of centuries old olive trees that are truly natural sculptures. Native vineyards can also be found in the countryside bearing grapes of “Primitivo” and “Negromaro” variety that graduate gently towards the coast of the shining sea. They provide sweet, discreet company for the traveller.

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